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St. Paul's Strawberry Fair 2021

The decision has been made by Vestry not to proceed with the 2021 Strawberry Fair fundraiser. Careful consideration was made of the various options involved, essentially involving a curbside strawberry sale, combined with a booth at the Farmers’ Market. Unfortunately, the practicalities of this approach, given the current state of affairs regarding the pandemic within Regina, resulted in the decision to cancel this year’s event. Some of the issues considered included our ability to control those who might come to our site to pick up berries (e.g. social distancing, masks, etc.), the difficulty in actually securing adequate pre-sale volumes owing to the inability to socially connect at this time, the uncertainty as to price due to logistical difficulties with strawberry supply occasioned by the pandemic, the expectation of a premium price given supply concerns, and our need to take great care with the safety of our potential volunteers as well as the general public. Finally, we were by no means certain of getting Saskatchewan Health Authority permission to conduct our event. The decision was made with regret in that Strawberry Fair is an important fundraiser for the Cathedral, as well as being something that we all like to participate in with respect to simple fellowship and connection. Regarding the fundraising side of things, we still can benefit from Federal subsidies, which helps enormously so the financial loss is not as dramatic as would be in a normal year. Next year we live in hope will be more normal and we should be able to have our traditional events and regular church services. This is all dependent on vaccinations and no further surprises from COVID-19 variants. Meantime, take care all, continue to follow health guidelines and we’ll all get through this challenging time. Ian Yeates, Rector’s Warden
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