St. Paul's Cathedral

About St. Paul's

About St. Paul's

In keeping with our committment to community wellness and safety, St. Paul's will not be re-opening for public worship until infection rates decline in #yqr. Palm Sunday, Holy Week and Easter services will be live-streamed on Facebook. Be safe, everyone. Take care of each other.

My friends, while we continue to do and be about the work of being the Church (albeit differently), here are some important announcements:

1) We will be hosting a modified Sunday worship service on our Facebook page (the link can be found at the bottom of this page). Please share this page by directlyinviting anyone you feel might benefit from connection, updates, and worship.

2)Pastoral care is continuing, no matter what. You can ask to receive care from us in any need you have, and we will respond in the best way we can.

3) Take care of yourselves and each other.

We believe that God is love, and that all of creation and life itself is a reflection and expression of that love. We believe that the same incredible and unconditional love has been best expressed through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. We believe that God's love and presence are the source of healing, wholeness, forgiveness, peace and joy. We believe that it's important to gather in community to try to understand and be enriched by the ongoing story of God's love, and to try to find our part in both receiving and sharing it lovingly with all people.

What else?

We strive to be welcoming of all people, regardless of creed, race, gender or sexual orientation.

We welcome families and children..

We welcome you, whether you are a person of firm faith or a person who has questions and doubts.

We welcome you in the name of Jesus Christ and invite you to join us for worship.